Scholarship Application  Remember to mail application to

SA Potjie Texas support and encourage the academic endeavors of our South African affiliated students.

The program’s purpose is to encourage and support eligible students with an established South African connection as they pursue their education at an institution of higher learning.

– Students must be enrolled in an accredited institution of higher learning located in the USA  (College, university, trade or vocational school). Enrollment is as defined by the registrar of the institution.
– The student must have a South African connection.
– Online application must be completed and submitted, including RETURNED REFERENCES, no later than Sunday, January 3rd, 2021.

Please plan your submission to allow time for references to respond.

Number of Scholarships
The number of scholarships to be awarded is determined each year based on the availability of funds.

Amount of Scholarships
SA Potjie Texas will award $3,000 in scholarships to three eligible students in 2021. Each student will receive a $1,000 scholarship.

Payment of Scholarship
It is the responsibility of the scholarship recipient to send SA Potjie Texas their enrollment status documentation. Within 15 business days of receiving the requested documents, SA Potjie Texas will issue the scholarship payment. Funds will be forwarded directly to the student. The scholarship offer will become void if it is not claimed by February 28, 2021.

Media Coverage
Scholarship winner images and names may be featured on SA Potjie Texas’s website and social media channels. Winners must submit a recent photo of themselves (class photo preferred) and may also be asked to have their photos taken at SA Potjie Texas.

For more information about the scholarships, please contact SA Potjie Texas’s program coordinators at