There will be a large communal get together area where we encourage everyone to congregate to socialize with old and new friends. This is where the curry and rice lunch , chop and boerewors dinner, church service and potjie cooking will be. To top it off, there will be a dance floor and great music.



Simply decorate your campsite, you can use props, dress people in costumes, do a little dance, sing us a song, it is all considered in the overall judging criteria. We want to see you having fun and inspire everyone to socialize.

Every campsite with even the smallest decoration will automatically be entered in the competition, no need to sign up.


  • Winners apron and 6 bottles of wine
  • Bragging rights for a year
  • Judge’s decision is final

Adult Potjie

One category only – whatever you can make in the pot. Appetizer, entry, dessert, bread – you decide. Every pot cooked at the communal area will be automatically entered. Judging will be scoring the cooking area on the general spirit, originality, preparation techniques  and general impressions and the pot on appearance and taste.


  • Winners apron and 6 bottles of wine
  • Bragging rights for a year
  • Judge’s decision is final

Kids Potjie

This is the only really competitive category and will be judged on traditional criteria.


  • All cooking and preparation must take place in communal area
  • No more than 4 team members aged 18 and under
  • All the potjies must be prepared from scratch on the day of the competition. Prior marinating of meat/fish is allowed
  • All entries must be cooked in a traditional cast iron Dutch pot or a potjie
  • Potjie can be cooked over wood, coals or gas burners
  • Potjies must be clean and rust free prior to cooking

Judging Criteria:-

  • Potjies will be judged on
    • Aroma
    • Color
    • Taste
    • Texture
    • Ingredients
    • Presentation to judges
    • Work area cleanliness
    • Overall potjieness
  • Potjies will receive an overall number score from 1-10 on the evaluation criteria
    • 1-2 = Poor
    • 3-4 = Satisfactory
    • 5-6 = Good
    • 7-8 = Very good
    • 9-10 = Excellent

Evaluation criteria for potjie:-

  • Aroma – Overall flavor, distinctive aromas (spices, meat, vegetables0, pleasant or pungent flavor, distinctive mingled flavors or burning smells, odorless
  • Color – Natural color, distinctive color of ingredients, varied color, attractive, appealing, interesting or lacking character, dull or pale, meat browned
  • Taste – aromatic or pungent savoring, interesting or piquant quality, slight flavor or suggestion, specified flavor or lacking flavor, amount of spices used – appetizing, bitter, spoiled or bland
  • Texture – Feel or appearance of food, interpretation of meats and vegetables. Contents still in shape (not mushy or falling apart). Cooked, under cooked or over cooked. Watery or too dry
  • Ingredients – use of traditional ingredients or cooking techniques
  • Cooking area – use of own implement, table cleanliness, cleanup after yourself, hygiene, general spirit in the team, originality, preparation and general impressions
  • Presentation – overall presentation of the potjie content as plated. Please remember judges may share plates but can not share eating utensils.


  • The winning team will receive $200 cash and will have bragging rights for a year.
  • Judges decision is final